We are female owned, and proud entrepreneurs. Your Co-Founders are Dr. Kate Henry (Naturopathic Medicine) and Kaitlin O'Malley (Invictus Fitness).


Our exclusive meal provider is Luxe & Lemons out of Columbus, Ohio.


Hi I'm Dr. Kate Henry!


I'm a naturopathic doctor who's trained to use the best of both conventional & natural medicine.

I use a whole person, natural medicine approach to help you discover the root cause of your symptoms.

My practice combines botanical medicine, nutrition, mindfulness, functional medicine & more to help clients achieve optimal wellness.

I opened my practice and co-founded The 21 Day Restart in 2020 with Kaitlin. I wanted to help more people through Nutrition Education, and I love her focus on an inside-out approach to fitness.


Hey, I'm Kaitlin O'Malley!

I'm the owner of Invictus Fitness and a Certified Personal Trainer. My certification is through NASM and I am a certified Weight Loss Specialist.

I created Invictus Fitness with one mission: to help people. I believe that if you are a healthier person, you can make a more positive impact on your family, community, place of work, and the world! 


I was a college athlete, but have also been overweight. Therefore I have the practical knowledge to get you to your goal, and the personal experience to understand your journey.

I've owned Invictus Fitness since 2018 and Co-Founded The 21 Day Restart in 2020 with Dr. Kate. I believe nutrition is a vital piece to our overall wellness, and that it should be done the right way. Dr. Kate and I share the belief that Nutrition and Exercise go hand in hand to creating better lives.


Hey, we're Luxe & Lemons!

After spending what felt like a lifetime of planning, prepping, and cooking healthy meals, week after week, we decided it was time to expand our favorite hobby with the world. We found it frustrating that healthy, accessible, and delicious meals weren't readily available. And the options that were, weren't exciting to eat.

It's our promise to you, to always provide healthy, wholesome, exciting meals, delivered to your door, ready to eat. We know that by cutting this worry out, we can achieve our mission to build a healthier and happier community!

Luxe & Lemons began in 2018 and are officially partnering with the 21 Day Restart in 2021. We believe in doing things the right way; always keeping quality at the top of our minds. We know that Kaitlin and Dr. Kate share these values as well.